Digital Signage

Promogroup’s digital screens can be used for several different purposes including Digital Signage, Digital Posters and Digital Menu Boards. These screens can be built for both indoor or outdoor operations and perating as a standalone screen or part of a network layout.
Digital screens can be installed on vehicles or in stores, schools, waiting rooms, hospitals, retail outlets, restaurants, cinemas, health clubs and offices amongst many more environments using the ‘plug and play’ low cost wireless technology system. They can also be used as interactive information units at exhibitions, shows, events, tourist points, museums, sports venues and education facilities.
Media can be managed and sent to multiple screens from a central location at a low cost.

Imagine updating your customers with the latest promotions or news instantaneously without having to organise printing and poster changes involving time, labour and waste. The cost savings for customers soon becomes obvious. Video content can replace static images with no reliance on IT cabling or technical staff. Facial Recognition hardware and software can be installed that automatically detects human presence, counts people and distinguishes between male and female demographic groups through facial pattern recognition.

Campaign measurement software allows marketing campaigns efficiency to be objectively measured. It is a powerful tool for digital signage systems, traditional advertising billboards as well as for storefronts.

Promogroup can help any business or organisation however small or large to control their own media communication network. They now have the flexibility and freedom to update news, content, advertising and third party advertising cost effectively when and where they want.

Digital Signage:
Promogroup provides different digital signage solutions to suit the requirements and scale of the customers operation.
Standalone Digital Signage Screens have built in media players and content can be updated and managed through a USB memory stick.
Networked Digital Signage Screens allow you to utilise our software to create, edit and manage your content from a central PC across a network of screens.
Remote Digital Signage Screens allows you to manage and regularly refresh your content while safely and securely delivering the content to the screens remotely using a choice of either the internet and cloud through routers and media players, wherever you are.

Digital Posters:
Our Digital Posters come in a range of LED or LCD and Touch Screens depending on whether they are to be utilised indoor or outdoor. The outdoor are sunreadable and IP rated to deal with extremes of weather and moisture.
The Digital Posters can be provided in Landscape or Portrait to be wall mounted or can be free standing and portable. The full high definition screens range in size from 19” to 84”.
The stylish units are modern in design resembling large iPads without plastic bezels and are robust to work 24/7. They can act as interactive messaging unit using Touch screen capability.
Content management and scheduling delivery is so simple by placing a USB memory stick into the internal built in media player so removing the need for networks and cabling all you need is a power supply or standard socket! As soon as the power is on the screen will automatically play the content be it video, images, power point, ticker tape and audio.

Digital Menu Boards:
These are ideal for restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, hospitals and schools etc wherever there is a requirement to replace traditional static menu boards and printing with dynamic and easily changeable content by a very low cost method.
Pretty quickly the advantages of editing and updating the content along with cost saving become very apparent over a relatively short period. The Digital Menu Boards allow more content looping and better quality images of the food and drink to be displayed enhancing marketing and call to action.
Content can be created centrally and can be uploaded either directly using USB memory sticks into the screens internal media player or by the internet locally or remotely.

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