Promodigital Vans 'Black Range'

Promovans campaign for BP Connect/M&S Simply Food

Digivans for Argos

Promovans campaign

Digivans for advertising & events

Promodigital Van 'Black Range' for Wrigley

Promovans for SYPTE

Digi screens for events

Promobikes campaign for KFC

Promodigital Van for London Pride

Black Range 'Digital Bikes' for Asus

Promovan & Promoscooters Campaign for Waitrose

Promobikes campaign for Tesco

Black Range Digital Vans for Arriva

Promobikes campaign for Neilson

Promostaff campaign for Veet Beauty

Promovans campaign for Tesco

Promovans campaign for Currys

Promodigital Vans campaign for Singapore Tourist Board

Promovans campaign for The Sun newspaper

Backlit Promovans campaign for BP Connect

Promoscooters campaign for Homebase

Promovans campaign for Tower Hamlets Council

Promovans campaign for Cambridge Arts Theatre

Promocabs campaign for Espirit

Black Digital Range - Premium and Classic style vans

Promobikes campaign for the Metro

Promocabs campaign for National Express

Promobikes campaign for The Times

Promogroup campaign for Homebase

Promovans campaign for Nissan

Promobikes campaign at Benfica football stadium

Backlit Promovans Skyn campaign

Promovans campaign for Britains Got Talent TV show

Promovans campaign for the Police Federation

Promobikes campaign for Crest Homes

Digital Advans for Bombardier

Promovans campaign for Southampton Council

Powerful outdoor advertising solutions delivering results

Promogroup are the leading specialists in effective and eye-catching mobile outdoor advertising solutions and events for businesses and agencies nationwide.

We offer the widest range of digital (Black Range) and non-digital (White Range) 'state of the art'  advertising vehicles and outdoor mobile media, ambient media and transport media options available in the UK market.


Advertising, Experiential and Events.

Promogroup own and operate our own fleet of Promohire mobile advertising and event servicesm which includes advertising vans, (standard, Backlit and digital advans), advertising bikes (standard and digital adbikes), advertising scooters and mobile screen hire.

Promogroup, with many years of experience, knowledge and proven delivery in the outdoor market place and events business, are well positioned to help clients and agencies effectively dissect all the Out-of-home (OOH) and Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) opportunities available; as well as plan and buy a wide choice of relevant outdoor media, experiental marketing or events to add extra value to the marketing mix.

Mobile, Ambient and Transport. 

Along with our large choice of mobile and events billboards, we offer a range of accountable ambient and transport media solutions. You can find all manner of outdoor advertising options at Promogroup with a diverse range to suit all budgets.

From promotional staff to advertising on buses, billboard posters to digital screens, advans to taxi ads, and from train to airport advertising, amongst many others.
Our nationwide accessible services allow effective targeting from the countryside to the largest urban centres. Whatever your requirements, our innovative, quantifiable and cost effective services will attract attention and deliver results wherever they go, or the audiences are located.

Promogroup adhere to two key fundamental maxims which we have built the business on:

Firstly, to continually update our fleet providing clients and agencies with the newest, most effective and unique products, such as the digivans, digibikes, digidisplays and digiwalkers, ready to operate from our depots across the UK.

Secondly, to offer the highest standards and service in planning, delivering and reporting for clients and agencies campaigns.

We undertake campaigns for clients across a variety of industries

Promogroup work for clients across both the private and public sector. These campaigns may be planned and bought directly or through advertising agencies, outdoor specialists, events, PR, marketing and experiential agencies. Clients include retailers, property developers, police forces, local authorities, education, primary care trusts, government, fire services, political parties and pressure groups amongst many more.

Our clients include: