Promodigital Vans (Digivans)

Digital advertising vans (Digivans, Digital vans, Digital advans) along with our standard & Backlit advans are all included in Promogroup's wide choice of advertising vehicles. These creative, unique and inspiring visual displays help to optimise your brands engagement and connection with the audience.

Promogroup's 'Black Range' fleet of Digivans comprises of a choice of three different model types:

The 'Classic' and the 'Premium' which are multi-screen digital vans for mobile advertising and the 'Premium Event' models which are single screen digital vans for mainly static events and functions.

Promogroup's Black Range offers access to the largest and most diverse fleet in the market with a unique choice of multi-screen and single-screen high resolution LED digital vans and a range of daily cost options across the different units. The vehicles having a combination of two screens and a rear screen and are the only multi-screen digital vans fitted with high quality audio systems. The 'Premium' range vans are able to elevate and rotate to maximise the screen exposure in the optimum direction.

The 'Classic'  black range model offers 6sq mtrs of multi-screen area. 

The 'Premium' black range model offers 12sq mtrs of multi-screen area. 

The 'Premium Event' black range model offers 15sq mtrs of single-screen area.

In The Black Range, Promogroup only uses LED screens of under 10mm (they are 8mm, 6mm and 5mm actual size not virtual). This makes them easily viewable from as close as 2 metres so producing crisp, bright images unrivalled by any other mobile digivans in the UK today.

Promodigital Vans benefits:

  • Enhanced audio system
  • Game console enabled
  • Internet/Social Media access enabled
  • Live feed and broadcast
  • Branding area around the screens


Other uses include:

  • Events, shows and Exhibitions.
  • Corporate/business events
  • Private functions
  • Presentations
  • Cinema
  • Signage & information


'Classic' Digital Vans


'Premium' Digital Vans

'Premium' Digital Vans

'Premium Event' Digital Vans

'Premium Event' Digital Vans

The multi-screens make the digivans special in the market place and very effective for mobile or static promotional activity. Due to multi-screens the sunlight, location of the audience or direction the vehicle is travelling will not be negatively effected. This makes it perfect for operating at street level and town/city centres presenting mobile advertising with an audience on three sides! while keeping our single screen digital vans mainly for events.

This fleet of Digital TV vans are able to run on biofuel and with no paper/printing wastage they offer a low carbon footprint as new content can continually be uploaded without the production costs and lead time of print.

From our bases in London, Manchester, Rugby, Newcastle and Harrogate Digital Promovans work nationwide to flexibly carry your targeted advertising and brand into the heart of high footfall areas with maximum impact producing a high return on investment.

Promodigital vans have shown their power of delivery by successfully executing campaigns for both the private and public sector in a creative cost effective way not possible through other promotional channels.

The digital advans appeal to both the visual and audio senses using either video or animated images (slide shows) coupled with quality digital sound.

The innovative technology allows us to upload content to each vehicle regardless of location and can cater for streaming and broadcast at live events.

Digivans can be tracked by GPS technology allowing full monitoring of their movements and the production of reports to demonstrate full accountability.

Promodigital vans can be used for day or night time campaigns.

Our clients include: