Artwork Specification


Promogroup's Terms and Conditions are attached to our Advertising Orders which we send to you on booking.

The Company reserves the right to refuse too display any advertisement without giving any reason certainly if it contains sexual content, defamatory references, bad language or disturbing imagery.

Advertising material will not be accepted if, it is likely to offend any particular members or sectors of the public or in the opinion of the Company, the advertising material fails to conform to the UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP- Committee of Advertising Practice Code).

This Code is enforced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The full Code can be found here.

Promovans campaign for Southampton Council
Promodigital Van 'Black Range' for Asda
Premium Event Digital Vans
Promodigital Van 'Black Range' for Wrigley
Promovans campaign for Asda
Black Digital Range - Premium and Classic style vans
Promovans for SYPTE
Promobikes campaign for KFC
Promovans campaign for BP Connect/M&S Simply Food
Promodigital Van for London Pride
Black Range 'Digital Bikes' for Asus
Promovan & Promoscooters Campaign for Waitrose
Promobikes campaign for Tesco
Black Range Digital Vans for Arriva
Promobikes campaign for Neilson
Promodigital Bike & Promopeople campaign for Veet Beauty
Promovans campaign for Tesco
Promovans campaign for Currys
Promodigital Vans campaign for Singapore Tourist Board
Promovans campaign for The Sun newspaper
Backlit Promovans campaign for BP Connect
Promoscooters campaign for Homebase
Promovans campaign for Tower Hamlets Council
Promovans campaign for Cambridge Arts Theatre
Promocabs campaign for Espirit
Promobikes campaign for the Metro
Promocabs campaign for National Express
Promobikes campaign for The Times
Promovans campaign for Nissan
Promogroup campaign for Homebase
Promobikes campaign at Benfica football stadium
Backlit Promovans Skyn campaign
Promovans campaign for Britains Got Talent TV show
Promovans campaign for the Police Federation
Promobikes campaign for Crest Homes
Digital Advans for Bombardier