Promogroup Ltd launches the new Promodigital bikes

Promogroup have developed a Promodigital bike capable of  using interactive graphics and video technology. The Promodigital bike will be cycling around London for the first time today as part of a brand raising campaign for NIDO Student Living aimed at central London students. The unique ‘Promodigital bikes' will be capturing and displaying images of students near London Metropolitan University. The bikes, which have an outdoor 37" LCD screen and media player, have been developed specifically for the ‘Get Your Face Out!’ viral campaign by PROMOGROUP LTD.


Our new Promodigital bikes incorporates an outdoor 37" LCD screen and media player capable of playing adverts or content in several formats including video, slide show and stills, all audio enabled. The Promodigital bike like our digivans will be able to work in the centre of towns and cities interacting with the target audience in an engaging and eye-catching way. This digital technology will allow the successful Promobikes concept to develop further as an effective experiential proposition.  Promogroup Ltd is pleased that NIDO has chosen to be the first client to utilise its innovative Promodigital bikes in the UK.


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