Promodigital Vans 'Black Range'

Promodigital Vans 'Green Range'

Electric Digital Vans - Green Range

Digivans - local, regional or national campaigns.

Digital out-of-home (DOOH)

Mobile, Ambient and Transport Advertising

Outdoor Advertising and Events

Out-of-home (OOH) and Digital out-of-home (DOOH)

Outdoor Advertising and Events

'Black Range' Digital (DOOH)

Campaigns for Private Sector

Campaigns for Public Sector

Corporate Information

'Green Range' - Eco (Low Emissions 100% Electric)

'White Range' Posters (OOH) and 'Black Range' Digital (DOOH)

Digital Screens for Events

Outdoor Advertising and Events

Promovans 'White Range'

Digivans for Advertising Campaigns

Digivans for Advertising & Events

Digital Live Broadcast and Countdown Screens

Backlit Promovans campaign

Digital Vans - Triple Screens - Black Range


Digi screens for events

Promobikes campaign

Promodigital Van for events

Promobikes campaign at stations

Black Range Digital Vans

Promobikes campaign

Promostaff campaign

Promovans campaign

Promovans campaign for retailers

Promobikes campaign

Promocabs campaign

Promogroup campaign

Promobikes campaign at football stadium

Backlit Promovans for night campaign

Promovans campaign for TV shows

Promovans campaign for the Public Sector

Promobikes campaign for Home Builders

Digital Advans for Events

Promovans campaign for Councils

Powerful outdoor advertising solutions delivering results

Promogroup are the leading specialists in effective and eye-catching mobile outdoor advertising solutions and events for clients and agencies nationwide.

We offer the widest range and of Digital (Black Range), Poster (White Range) and Eco (Green Range) 'state of the art' advertising vehicles, outdoor mobile media, ambient media and transport media options available in the UK market.

White Range - Posters (OOH)

Black Range  - Digital (DOOH)

Green Range - Eco (Low Emissions)

Advertising, Experiential and Events

Mobile, Ambient and Transport

Innovative, Effective and Accountable

Public and Private Sector

Our clients include: