Airport Advertising. The air and rail travel industry has changed dramatically over the last ten years. For consumers planning a trip and travelling abroad it is easier, quicker, more affordable, flexible and convenient than ever before.

The majority of low cost travellers are young affluent professionals looking for a break from the daily routine. Low cost travellers have high disposable incomes and leisure budgets. For this group frequent mini breaks are about pure indulgence.

Over 55 million passenger journeys per year are for the purpose of business. These frequent business flyers with high incomes and hectic lifestyles are the world’s CEOs, MDs and chairmen. Airport and Eurostar journeys provide both place and time for these highflying individuals to shop, eat, relax and work before business resumes.

Campaigns can be booked to target the weekend traveller, business traveller or just people going on family holidays. Long dwell times allow passengers to absorb the advertising (2.5 hours average) higher than rail, underground and bus shelters. Airport advertising can drive and encourage passengers to retail visits. We also facilitate in-aircraft advertising that can be displayed on seat backs and table tray advertising.

  • Over 220 million passangers passed through UK airports in 2013.
  • Air traffic is expected to double in the next two decades
  • £50 million was spent on airport media in the UK last year
  • 46% of business travellers are from AB socio-economic group.
  • 85% of passengers enjoy airport advertising.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) 2013. Airbuus Global Market Forecast.


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