Promocabs (Rickshaws) are the perfect way to get customers through your shop door by offering real engagement with the audience. The modern style rickshaws can offer courtesy lifts to members of the public and take them direct too the client’s stores or events.

The Promocabs can either be branded on several surfaces or on a large 6-sheet size poster on the rear of the vehicle.

The Promocab can carry marketing material that can be presented to the passangers and the rider can act as a brand ambassador able to be fully briefed on the client’s campaign.

Every year major companies trust Promocabs to support and carry their advertising campaigns. We offer both long and short term campaigns, which can be booked on either one or across the whole fleet of Promocabs. 

We also offer full professional graphic production, and application. Why not contact us with your requirements, and we will tailor make the package which suits your needs & budget.



  • Nationwide
  • New style/ limo bodies
  • New look – not old rickshaws
  • Access to Westminster
  • Branded area large inside/out
  • Courtesy rides, shows, events, theatre, festivals, exhibition
  • Private and Public Functions
  • Promostaff
  • Fully Insured for Public, Personal and Employee Liability
  • Seatbelts


Our clients include: