Promostaff (leafleters, field or brand ambassadors) are sometimes the best way of marketing your product or service, by ensuring a direct contact with the audience to deliver your message. We provide Promostaff where ever there is a need for the 'warm flesh' approach. The Promostaff can also wear Promowalkers to help reinforce the message and can operate either stand alone or en masse.

Promogroup can help provide you with - Events Managers, Team Leaders, Brand Ambassadors, Hospitality Staff, Promotional Models, Demonstrators, Flash Mobs, Leafleters, Hit Squads, Dancers, Singers etc. Our Promostaff are presentable, punctual, professional and enthusiastic when it comes to interacting with the public to display your brand in the very best light.

For product sampling, giveaways and roadshow campaigns additional costs such as travel, accommodation, council permits, costumes, logistics, stock storage, vehicles etc. may be incurred based on the exact scope of work. Please call to confirm prices for these options.

Flash Mob, Dancers, Performers, Sign-Holders, Actors…. It’s all possible. Costs vary greatly though so please call to let us know exactly what you need.


  • Leaflets
  • Product samples
  • Discount vouchers
  • Directions

The Promostaff can target areas such as:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Concerts
  • Sports Events
  • Bus/Tube/Train Stations
  • Pedestrianised Areas
  • Campus Events
  • Store openings


Our clients include: