Promodigital Vans 'Black Range'

Promovans 'White Range'

Digital Screens for Events

Digivans for Advertising Campaigns

Promovans campaign

Black Range Advertising

Digivans for advertising & events

Digital Countdown Screens

Backlit Promovans campaign

Digital Vans - Triple Screens - Black Range


Digi screens for events

Promobikes campaign

Promodigital Van for events

Black Range 'Digital Bikes' for high streets

Promovan & Promoscooters Campaign

Promobikes campaign at stations

Black Range Digital Vans

Promobikes campaign

Promostaff campaign

Promovans campaign

Promovans campaign for retailers

Promovans campaign for newspapers

Promoscooters campaign

Promovans campaign for Councils

Promovans campaign for Theatres

Promocabs campaign for Espirit

Black Digital Range - Premium and Classic style vans

Promobikes campaign for the Newspapers

Promocabs campaign

Promobikes campaign for The Times

Promogroup campaign

Promovans campaign

Promobikes campaign at Benfica football stadium

Backlit Promovans Skyn campaign

Promovans campaign for TV shows

Promovans campaign for the Police Federation

Promobikes campaign for Home Builders

Digital Advans for Bombardier

Promovans campaign for Southampton Council

About Us

The Promogroup advertising and events team has spent the last 20 years at the heart of the UK advertising industry with expertise in national press, interactive, outdoor, ambient and experiential advertising. Promogroup work closely with clients direct, as well as with advertising agencies, outdoor specialists, PR, marketing, experiential and events companies.

At Promogroup we pride ourselves on a professional, consultative, creative, flexible and customer focused approach allowing the client to make sure their product is always one step ahead of the competition.

Our aim is to continually add to our stable of outdoor and ambient advertising products, to ensure we provide our clients with the latest, most effective and accountable products.

Outdoor advertising is an established and rapidly growing part of any broad reaching media campaign. Promogroup offers cost effective formats and vehicles for advertising in the OOH and DOOH marketplaces with its range of mobile, ambient and transport options. 

Our mobile advertising solutions include our Black Range (Digital) and White Range (Poster) products which can be deployed for advertising campaigns and outdoor events nationwide.

Our clients include: