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Promodigital Van for events

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Advertising agencies

Promogroup over the years, has developed and maintained a successful record of working with all types of UK agencies form full service advertising agencies to outdoor specialists, and PR agencies to marketing agencies.

The Promogroup management team has a background firmly rooted in the advertising world with a wealth of experience in dealing with and handling day to day media owner/agency relationships and issues. A team with experience from Oudoor advertising as well as across other media including National press (Daily Telegraph), Online (AOL Time Warner) and PR marketing (Freeport).

Promogroup has built its reputation around the professional service and attention to detail we offer our agencies and ultimately their clients. We understand the time-pressure planners & buyers are under and the high standards their clients demand. We aim to always remove this pressure at all stages of the campaign process by aiding a smooth transition from planning, through execution, after sales service, reporting and follow up.

Promogroup recognises how quickly your client's demands and briefs can change. Throughout the whole campaign process a member of the team is always at hand to report on campaign progress and status, remaining flexible and adaptable to changes in the campaign schedule, to make sure everything possible is done to ensure a successful campaign.

You can contact any member of the Promogroup Team on the following numbers:

London   0207 978 6399
York         01904 692100

Or contact us via email

Please contact us regarding any briefs you are working on for your clients and we would be delighted to put together a proposal for you, even on limited time!

Usual Agency discounts apply.

Our clients include: