Promobikes (Adbikes, Advertising Bikes, Ad bikes)

Adbikes (promobikes, ad bikes, advertising bikes) are state of the art recumbent quad advertising bikes. The adbike integrated A-Frame enables the advertiser using the ad bike to take their message directly to their audience using two six-sheet posters. These compact advertising bikes are manufactured in house exclusively for Promobikes Ltd in the UK and available for Promohire.

Promobikes is the advertising bike company who helped pioneer this concept of bike advertising and continues to build and operate the more stable and better looking four wheel bikes designed for the purpose. Promogroup want our products to reflect the high standards and professionalism of your brand, for this reason we don't operate the less aesthetical and unstable three wheel (trike adbikes) that are sometimes used. With Promobikes you get the best looking adbikes at the best rates and in the number of units you require.

To get some idea of the impact of the bikes; imagine taking two bus stop posters and placing them right in front of the audience you're trying to reach; this is literally the 'in your face' mobile advertising that Promobikes offer.

This innovative, eye catching 'street' advertising medium attracts attention wherever it goes, delivering high-impact impressions at a very low cost per thousand. The Promobikes can be parked, pedalled and pushed into key positions.

Promobike riders can be dressed in branded clothing and can make your campaign more accountable, as well as enhance it at no extra cost, by handing out leaflets or product samples. The riders carry mobile photo phones and GPS units for full accountability.

You may also wish to utilise our riders further, by briefing them to answer questions about the product or service you offer.

Whether your company is nationally or regionally focused, Promobikes can effectively reach your audience. Rather than spending vast amounts of advertising budget on national/local radio or press, you can now run an accountable and compelling campaign with Promobikes.

Promobikes can target City/Town Centres, Site/Store/Shop openings, Sports events, Shows, Exhibitions, Concerts, Product launches, Promotions, Product Sampling.

  • Enthusiastic, self motivated, experienced riders.
  • Riders handout promotional material.
  • Promobikes offer national, regional or local campaigns.
  • Audio systems on board for corporate message and added impact.
  • Lights and back lighting system for evening and winter work.
  • Can be Bluetooth enabled.
  • All weather and seasons operation. Unlike 3 wheeled 'trike' bikes which can be very unstable.
  • Professional service - consultative, creative, flexible and customer focused company from organising, delivery and post campaign analysis along with summary and photos of the bikes on location.
  • Competitive pricing which includes the rider costs.
  • State-of-the art bikes; lighter, less bulky, sportier and more transportable than other models available, at less cost than our competitors.
  • Rider and bike insured for personal, property and public liability.

Our clients include: