Digital Bikes

                                                             Digital Bikes

Promodigital bikes provide a very versatile and flexible medium that can be easily positioned in high footfall areas allowing the screens to play-out the digital media (including audio) while the branding surrounding the screen and the Promostaff operating the bike can both reinforce the brand message. This is a very effective, environmentally friendly and future proof product. 

Promogroup operate two types of digital adbikes to offer a greater choice for the client.

  • Digital Adbikes with side screen
  • Digital Adbikes with rear screen 
Digital Adbikes with side screen:

The Promodigital bike is a unique proposition built in house by our engineers at Promogroup Ltd as an added extra to our existing Promobikes. 

The Digibikes incorporate one outdoor 47" HD LCD high brightness (3000 Nits) screen capable of delivering high quality resolution in the brightest daylight conditions. They have media players able to play adverts or content in several formats including video, slide show and stills, all audio enabled. On one side of the advertising pod there is the standard 6-sheet poster and on the other side an LCD screen surrounded by a border that the client may also brand.      

Digital Adbikes with rear screen:

This futuristic style bike has a 55" HD LCD screen in the rear with full AV (Audio Visual) functionality.

The bikes can use transfers on the body to enhance the client's branding.

The digibikes like our digivans will be able to work in the centre of towns and cities interacting with the target audience in an engaging and eye-catching way. They are the only truly mobile digital adbikes in the market place offering flexibility in moving between key locations during the working day.

The Promodigital bikes can be placed with the screen facing the high footfall areas such as high streets, stations, shopping centres etc while the riders engage with the audience and distribute marketing material to support the promotion. 

This digital technology will allow the already successful Promobikes concept to develop even further as an effective experiential proposition.

The Promodigital bike's screen displays:

  • Video (Mpeg 2 & 4, WMV, DivX, Xvid)
  • Slideshows
  • Still Content (JPEG, PNG, BMP)

The Promodigital bikes are:

  • Audio enabled (MP3, WAV, AC-3, WMA).
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Game console enabled
  • Display photos
  • Carbon Neutral>
  • 90% Recall Rate
Our clients include: