Hybrid Digital Vans

Hybrid Digivans

If you or your team are looking for something new, exciting and unique for your clients, then Promogroup have been busy investing time and resources in developing a new range of greener digital advertising vehicles. The innovation takes the digital van/bike concept to a new level creating products that are better suited for the evolving city centres of tomorrow where low emission zones and new legislation dictate the type of products that can operate in these spaces.

Our new Hybrid Range combines digital, hybrid and fully electric capability, to not only create cleaner and noise free products that can advertise in these busy areas but also vehicles that reinforce clients and agencies green credentials while offering solutions that they would be pleased to align their brands with.

Some of our range use Euro 6 chassis engines and the digital screens can run on hybrid (LPG and/or electric batteries) continually recharging with solar panel banks built on the screen rears and van roofs so allowing several hours of noise and pollution free operation in the high footfall/city centre areas. We also offer a complete electric powered digital van (see our E-Digital Vans) where both chassis and screen run on electric battery packs with solar charging capability. All units are audio enabled and use the latest 3.9mm HD high brightness LED screens for quality visual images supporting both stills and videos.

The Green Range range includes:

  • Hybrid Single Screen Digital Van - (Diesel/Electric/Solar)
  • Hybrid Double Screen Digital Van - (LPG/Electric/Solar)
  • E-Digital Van - 100% Electric/Solar Digital Van
  • E-Digital Bikes - 100% Electric/Solar Digital Bikes

Promogroup believe these products help combine the best of digital coupled with low-emission opportunities available at this current time. These vehicles help tick the boxes that clients request in regards to innovative, environmentally friendly, digital and effective formats as a tool for building their brands and communicating it with the audience wherever they are.

Our clients include: