E-Digital Vans


E-Digital Vans - 100% Electric Advertising Vans

Electric Digivans (Electric Digital Vans, e-Digivans, e-Digital Vans) offer an alternative format for mobile digital out-of-home advertising. If you are looking for a new and unique format for brand building and engagement with the audience, whilst meeting sustainability criteria, decarbonization and Ad Net Zero goals, then these products offer that solution. 

Promogroup have been busy investing time and resources in developing these popular greener digital advertising vehicles including the first all electric digital vans (e-Digital Vans) in the UK. Clients and agencies are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative and this exciting innovation takes our digital vans/bikes concept to a new level creating products that are better suited for the evolving city centres of tomorrow, where low emission clean air zones and new legislation dictate the type of products that can operate in these spaces.

Our new Green Range is unique in offering a combination of digital, hybrid, solar panels and fully electrical capability. These electric battery packs provide clients with the cleanest noise free content delivery platforms (reducing the need for diesel engines and screen run generators in busy town/city centres) and also vehicles that reinforce your green credentials and provide PR and social media opportunities for you.

The new eco friendly e-Digital Vans (Digivans, Digital vans, Digital advans) runs on 100% battery power driving an electric engine on the chassis. The 3.9mm pixel high brightness LED screens can also run for several hours on purely electric power, with no more generators creating noise and pollution making it clean and silent in operation. The screens can elevate and rotate to maximise viewing opportunities when positioned in-situ.

These, elegant compact electric digital vans are the ideal format and size for working in the very centre of towns and cities across the country, whether it is the high streets, near transport hubs or retail parks. The electric vehicles are perfect for operating in these areas whilst reflecting client's brands and simultaneously resonating with their own green credentials. 

These stylish, creative and inspiring high resolution visual displays help to optimise your brands engagement with the audience, when used for advertising, events or information dissemination.

The e-Digital Vans certainly turn heads and appeals to the eco-conscious audiences with solus advertising on the screen we have also incorporated state-of-the art facial detaction software allowing audience measurement, support analytics and reporting for clients, providing high-fidelity, real-time metrics of impressions and engagement for the campaigns running on the digital screens.

The live scene analysis allows you to understand who is looking at your ads by detecting all vehicles, bodies and faces passing in the field of view in real time. Impressions can be measured for all vehicles along with gender and absolute age classification of the viewer, breaking down dwell and attention time.

The e-Digivans are a unique and ground breaking platform for successful and effective dynamic content delivery and measurement in the ever-changing city centre landscapes.

Summary:   e-Digivans

  • 100% Electric
  • Zero emissions and low noise
  • Electric and solar powered screens
  • 3.9mm HD LED high brightness screens
  • Screen Sizes 3m x 2m and 3.5m x 2m Landscape
  • Screens can elevate and rotate
  • Facial detection software and analytical reporting metrics
  • Vehicle tracking software
  • Video and stills
  • Audio enabled
  • Social media and gaming options

From our bases in London, York, Manchester, Rugby and Newcastle our digital vans work nationwide to flexibly carry your targeted advertising and brand into the heart of high footfall areas with maximum impact producing a high return on investment.

Promodigital vans have shown their power of delivery by successfully executing campaigns for both the private and public sector in a creative, cost effective way not always possible through other promotional channels.

The digital advans appeal to both the visual and audio senses using either video, animated images or looping stills (slide shows) coupled with quality digital sound.

Digivans can be tracked by GPS technology allowing full monitoring of their movements and reports are produced to demonstrate full accountability.

Promodigital vans can be used for day or night time campaigns.

Other uses include:

  • Events, shows and Exhibitions.
  • Corporate/business events
  • Private functions
  • Presentations
  • Signage & information

Our clients include: