Digital Bus

Digital Bus

A Digital Bus is the perfect addition to Promogroup's Black Range of digital mobile solutions.

Take a double decker bus and attach a 30mtrs sq LED screen to one side, then create a very large attention grabbing fully dynamic billboard complete with high quality audio and you have set the stage for something special.
On the interior you develop a large open space on both levels that can be themed and used for experiential purposes, product launches or as an ideal mobile exhibition platform for local/regional events or national 'roadshow' style tours.

With a fully mobile integrated power room the Digibus can provide its own power to make it flexible in it's location and positioning or if needed can use a standard power cable at an event or show.

Digital Bus Uses:
  • Events, Shows and Exhibitions
  • Roadshows 
  • Product Launches
  • Brand Awareness campaigns
  • Public or Private sector
  • Experiential campaigns

Our clients include: