Advertising on the London Underground & Docklands Light Railway. An unrivalled combination of engaging formats, a young, dynamic and upmarket audience, as well as time spent on the network (3 minutes on average on the platforms & 13 minutes on the Tube carriages), makes the London Underground a unique advertising proposition.

Providing a vital link between East London and the business centre of Bank and Canary Wharf, is the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). We provide a range of advertising opportunities across this network designed to reach the thriving local community, as well as travellers to London City airport, the London Arena and ExCel.

For advertisers wanting to reach the millions of commuters, shoppers and tourists who regularly use these transport systems, the premium cross-track gallery sites, bespoke creative opportunities, and eye-catching digital screens (now over 1,500 digital screens across the London Underground network) , offering a wide variety of effective solutions.

  • There are 270 stations on the London Underground covering a total route of 250 miles.
  • 3.7 million passengers journey a day & 2 million travelling into zone 1 every day.
  • On average 216,000 people enter the Underground per hour.
  • 1.3 billion passengers used the London Underground last year.
  • The population of London is due to grow by 1.3 million more by 2031.

Source: TfL and TGi 2014.


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