Promogroup also offer Promotrailers (Adtrailers) which can be used for static promotional campaigns.

Whereas the Promovans tend to be mobile and can go from location to location the Promotrailers may be parked on private property and used for long or short term.
The Promotrailers have an advantage due to the fact they are not manned they can be left in-situ all day and night so extending the duration and exposure of the advertising campaign.

Promotrailers are ‘A' Frame 48-sheets like the Promovans.

Both present maximum impact at minimum cost.

Promotrailers can be used to announce new store openings, change of address, product launches, special events etc There can be no doubt that when faced by a huge 20ft x 10ft advert, people will see it and will read it! 

Promo mini-trailers

Promo mini-trailers can be used both for static and mobile campaigns. They are able to get into those difficult locations such as retail parks, High Streets and other height restricted areas.

They are congestion friendly, ideal for inner city promotions and offer very attractive artwork costing. The back lighting is ideal for evening work like bars or night clubs and also for those early dark winter evenings.

If you are looking for a product that will be seen as an extension of your brand, then Promo mini-trailers are the answer.


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