Payment Meter Floor Advertising

Opportunities are limited due to high demand and a finite number of locations available. However, we continue to source additional spaces and schedule in fresh placements to replace campaigns which come to a natural end. Whether your promotion is highlighting brand awareness or a particular ‘call to action’ campaign, we agree typical periods of 3-6 months, however should you have a specific proposal in mind, we’d be delighted to  explore the opportunities.

To really wow those prospective customers, consider our anamorphic artwork, a strikingly effective method of image distortion with fascinating results

As with all our innovative services, our payment meter floor advertising options are available as part of a multi-channel marketing approach in order to maximise on brand visibility and to ensure engagement with your ideal audience.

Product Notes

  • Booking lead time: Typically 2 Weeks
  • Volume discounts apply to single bookings of consecutive days only.
  • Transport costs may apply for 1 & 2 day campaigns if outside of London. Please enquire to confirm.

Our clients include: