Digital Screens

Promogroup has years of experience in designing and developing digital screens for our mobile and event vehicles. We can now use this experience to plan, fit, install and maintain static digital screens in a clients chosen location.

We source the highest standard and most effective LED's in the market place, that deliver quality, longevity and ease of use to present the highest viewing experience in all conditions and seasons. Our chosen suppliers deliver the components that are tried and tested and assembled here in the UK, with full warranty and support.

The video screens can be installed indoor or outdoor in a shop, showroom  or window and the content can be changed regularly if required displaying a range of rich content from text graphics, presentations through to full videos.

The digital screens allow so much more content to be delivered than the use of static posters or flags.
All stores are under increasing pressure to make their marketing budget go further and deliver a higher ROI, many are now turning to digital screens and signage that offer a lot more flexibility and a proven cost effective approach in the medium and longer term.

Content that traditionally takes often 2-3 weeks to design, print, install etc can now be ready and on display within a few hours even minutes. This dynamic content can be changed daily, weekly or monthly and even updated centrally from one office using our inbuilt routers to change content remotely.

Different payment options exist for the screens, including lease rental options, giving you all the tax benefits lease rentals attract, and then at the end of the rental term we then pass the screen to your company for you to be able to use to promote your company for many years to come.

Our clients include: