Clean Stencils

Clean stencils are created by using a ‘graffiti stencil’. High pressure jet wash is blasted through the stencil onto a dirty surface or pavement to expose a cleaned image. This image lasts for a while and then eventually fades.

Product Notes

  • Production lead time from receipt of artwork: Typically 2 Weeks
  • Booking lead time: Typically 4 Weeks
  • This is a guerrilla format and planners should communicate that the client is liable for the campaign and it’s outcome at all times.
  • Minimum 20 stencils per location (postal district, neighborhood or town).
  • Where the stencils should only be visible for a specific time period, we recommend a clean off cost is built into the final project costs. Please enquire for removal costs if required. Estimate clean off costs £600 per campaign pack of 20 stencils.
  • Rates include production of 1 creative design only. If additional designs are required this are charged at £250 per design.

Our clients include: