Taxi Advertising was once restricted to the capital, but over recent years the iconic London taxi has become the choice for most cities and towns throughout the UK.

Whether targeting the consumer or business person, taxis are ideal, they have no fixed route, and across a week, which will typically be 18 hours per day 7 days a week, they will cover a significant part of a town centre and surrounding areas on both major and minor roads.

Taxis advertising allows clients to occupy a space that is full of busy people in the Out-of-home environment and where other advertising is often limited. More opportunities exist now with many cabs offering both Wi-Fi and digital advertising platforms.

With Taxi Advertising there are various options available:

  • Full wrap livery where a taxi is totally wrapped in vinyl. This creates a real impact and offer significant opportunities for PR initiatives.
  • Supersides & flexisides offer a panel the length of both sides of the taxi. These are the preferred option for a short term campaign period.
  • Tip Up Seats for the duration of the journey, typically between 10 and 20 minutes, the advertiser has direct access to the passenger, through these panels.
  • Branded taxi receipts are an additional option, especially appropriate for the business traveller.
  • 77% of people agree that taxis are an eye-catching place for brands to be seen.
  • From a medium weight taxi campaign (c350 taxis) you can expect c35% brand recall.
  • Taxi audience is upscale, active, affluent and mobile.
  • 81% of ABC1s spontaneously recalled seeing a brand on a taxi.
  • Taxis offer a private space in which brands can engage passengers 1-2-1 with high dwell times.

Source: Other Lines of Enquiry 2013 & TGi 2012.

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