Helicopter / Plane / Hot Air Balloon Banners

Helicopter banners are made from highly durable light weight polyester. The appearance in flight is affected by size; larger banners have difficulty retaining their desired square shape, affecting how readable the banner is. Designing a curve shape into the front of the banner stabilises it into the correct shape in flight. The optimum size for such banners is 1,500 m² or approx 15,000 ft².

Plane banners like helicopter banners are made from the same tough banner material. These can
carry up to 2000 square feet of signage. Such audiences can be targeted on roads, beaches, shopping centres, festivals etc making this a very captive experience.

Hot Air Balloon banners can be created in all shapes and sizes. These banners can cover parts of the balloon or the basket and are ideal for short activity campaigns and smaller budgets compared with full branding and bespoke builds of a whole balloon. The baskets make great opportunities for PR shots

There are tight restrictions on the flight paths where many of these banners may operate so please discuss your requirements with your account handler who will be able to assess feasibility and opportunities for you in the first instance.


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