Case Study

Client: Xscape
Period: 1 week during November 2005 (+ 2 extra days in Leeds)
Locations: Harrogate/York, Sheffield/Barnsley, Manchester/Huddersfield, Doncaster/Wakefield, Leeds/Bradford Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton, Luton, Hemel Hempstead/Aylesbury
Product Solutions: 1 x PromoBike (Castleford), 1 x PromoBike (Milton Keynes)
Xscape is viewed as "the ultimate entertainment destination" with venues in Castleford and Milton Keynes, and another to be opened in Braehead Glasgow in April 2006. Xscape is the home for adrenalin junkies searching the thrills of extreme sports; such as skiing down country's biggest real ski slope, climbing the UK's tallest ice wall or floating in Europe's first purpose-built body flying tunnel!

In fact, there is so much going on under an Xscape roof that a pocket-sized glossy magazine is now published bi-annually - and this is where PromoBikes entered the equation, as chief distributors.

As standard with all campaigns, PromoBikes produced a route schedule for Xscape to identify heavy footfall areas with the aim of targeting individuals or clusters of people who would be interested in their magazine. In a roadshow format, uniformed PromoBikes riders were dispatched to issue magazines in 6 towns over 5 days around Buckinghamshire to service their Milton Keynes venue - simultaneously in Yorkshire, 10 towns were visited during the same time frame to launch the publication for Castleford. In total, 3000 units were handed out to potential and existing Xscape visitors.

The north and south offices of PromoBikes allowed related overhead costs to be kept to a minimum, savings which were then passed onto the client - and the input of local knowledge ensured the impact each location was maximised.

Sarah Porteus, marketing manger at Xscape Castleford viewed her PromoBikes activity as: "...very effective in creating an impact and reaching our primary target audiences in key city centres in the region. The bikes attracted exactly the right attention and the fact that people were queuing up to get copies of our magazine was fantastic - so much so that we booked 2 more days to maximise this great exposure."

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