Case Study

Client: POWWOW
Period: Unknown
Locations: Enfield?
Product Solutions: PromoBikes
"In which we get on our bikes"

The UK's No1 bottled water cooler company promises to get water out of the ground and into the workplace within five working days. At the heart of Powwow's success is a world-class distribution network. With the opening of a new depot in Enfield, Powwow needed to recruit sixty people, including drivers, technical support specialists, warehouse teams, administrators and site managers. And we had to move fast.

There simply wasn't time for successive rounds of recruitment: we had to hit the target first time. We developed the 'COOLER JOBS' campaign to promote a series of open days. This included teaser ads, press ads, leaflets, brochures, posters, signage and give-away items.

It was important that every element resonated perfectly with Powwow's irreverent, quirky brand voice. So alongside press ads and print work, we used Promobikes to take our message out into the community. They could go anywhere there were people and never failed to raise a smile. This was one of those situations in which the medium itself was on brand, not just the message! Just under five hundred people attended the open days and two hundred people were interviewed. All sixty jobs were filled at a very low cost per hire.

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