Case Study

Client:Metropolitan Police
Period:September - October 2011
Locations:London Boroughs
Product Solutions:Promodigital Vans


Summertime saw sickening scenes on the streets of London and other provincial cities as rioting broke out.

The Metropolitan Police called upon the services of Promogroup and our fleet of digital advans to help playout thousands of CCTV images across all the main boroughs affected. Promodigital Vans operated across areas such as Tottenham, Croydon, Tower Hamlets and Clapham as police utilized every modern technique possible to catch the perpetrators. Gone are the days of dodgy photofits - the effect of this campaign was dramatic - local people looking at large, clear images of other locals committing crimes.

Four vans over a six week period were on call on a daily basis to any borough to work in the high Street alongside Police officers. This also allowed Police to demonstrate the massive effort being made to target these criminals. Content was changed on a daily basis as arrests were made and the images refreshed. All this was possible due to the flexibility and creative potential of the digital advans.

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