Case Study - Digitals Advans to deliver Wrigley's message

Client: Wrigley
Period: October 2013
Locations: Liverpool, Hull, Falkirk, Inverness & Rochford.
Product Solutions: 5x Digital Promovans

Digital Promovans toured UK cities using an animated message to deliver the message that the public face a fine of £80 for not binning their chewing gum correctly.


The advert feature several animated images of figures putting chewing gum into bins with the headline 'Bin It Your Way'. The Digital Promovans targeted high footfall locations like retail parks, high streets and pedestrian areas to build awareness for Wrigley.

The Digital Promovan's effective 3 screen units allowed the message to be delivered to the public effectively with maximum coverage in each city centre.



Wrigley 1


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