Case Study - Digivans chosen as the messenger for Bombardier

Client: Bombardier
Period: July 2014
Locations: London & Farnborough
Product Solutions: 6x Promodigital Vans


Bombardier wanted to make a big impact at the time of the Farnborough airshow in London and at Farnborough. Their aim was to target airline industry executives at the show as well as the hotels and functions in London throughout the week in July.

The 'Black Range' Digital vans were chosen due to their ability to park near the hotels, venues and event in an eye-catching way to promote Bombardier videos and their state of the art look and feel had a strong synergy with the technical expertise of Bombardier.

6x Digital Advans worked over 4 days across London and Farnborogh getting right outside the key locations and reaching the target audience.

The campaign was a success and the agency wrote:


"Good evening Bela,

This project was a success. Our client is thrilled of the buzz they got out of it. Hope to do this again one day.

It has been a pleasure working with you and Mark. Very professional. Thank you again for the images."


anne-marie caron

vice-president, client services









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