Case Study - George Galloway's Respect Party win Bradford West

Client: Respect Party
Period: March 2012
Locations: Bradford
Product Solutions: 2x Backlit Promovans

"George Galloway has shocked the political establishment by winning the Bradford West by-election, sending the firebrand Respect party politician to parliament for a second time".


To raise awareness for his Respect Party, defeat Labour held by Marsha Singh and target Muslim parts of the constituency. George Galloway a


Promogroup used two Promovans which spent 4 days in the run up to the vote targeting Muslim communities in Bradford.
The vans alternated between parking up and driving around key residential and commercial areas.


Galloway polled 18,341 to take the seat, trouncing Labour's candidate Imran Hussein by around 10,000 votes, winning over 55% of the vote.

It's a massive defeat for Labour, who have lost the seat previously held by Marsha Singh, who announced his retirement at the end of February due to ill health.

It will also come as a disturbing message to mainstream politicians in general, a protest vote against the major parties who have clearly failed to speak the same language as this largely Muslim part of West Yorkshire. George Galloway 1a

Labour held the seat since 1974, but Galloway ran a highly effective campaign among the Muslim areas of the city.

Labour activists have told HuffPost how in recent days that it was notable how Galloway had run a highly targeted campaign which ignored working class white areas, instead focusing on first-generation Muslim parts of the constituency. George Galloway 2a

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