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Promobikes Scotland

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce:

March 2004

Integrated marketing and media solutions UK Ltd. ( IMMS UK Ltd.) IMMS UK Ltd, (Edinburgh) introduce Prombikes TM(Scotland).
Following on from the successful operations in London and across England IMMS UK Ltd, launch PromobikesTM( Scotland) This innovative and high impact Advertising methodology is now available in the Scottish market place.
IMMS UK Ltd, will offer the PromobikesTM service in all major towns and cities in the Scottish region, with a variety of applications, suited to major Ad agencies looking to integrate the service into planned media and advertising campaigns, as well as smaller organisation and companies looking for high visibility localised advertising.
This service will be available from March 2004 from our operational bases in Edinburgh and Glasgow(May 2004).

Contact details: David McFarlane,Managing Director,IMMS UK Ltd. Tel:0131 657 5561 Website:

Our clients include: