Promogroup develop new E-Digital Bikes

E-Digital Bikes

The E-Digital Bikes are an innovative and effective solution for advertising in the heart of city and town centres, especially those that are now designated ULEZ.  E-Digital Bikes present a platform for advertising that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable while offering a medium than can enhance and reflect client's green credentials.

The bike is pedal power, so creating no emissions, along with a screen that is electric powered using batteries and a solar panel on the rear to extend the battery life and recharge on the move.

The 47" high brightness HD LCD Screen in a portrait configuration will play out full video or static images in a loop with audio if required, to deliver engaging and creative content to the audience wherever they may be in the high streets, retail parks, transport hubs or residential areas.

There is an option of branding the reverse side of the advertising pod with a portrait poster over the solar panel if required and/or a branded border around the screen to help build awareness.

These new eye-catching E-Digital Bikes are the perfect units to get your message and brand infront of the public in the high streets where other forms of transport are now restricted from operating.

Our clients include: