Frequently asked questions on the Promoblimps


What are the lead times for using the blimp or aerostat?


If CAA approval is required a minimum of 30 days should be allowed for processing.  A full site recce/visit must be completed for the Aerostat before any CAA application can be submitted (the site recce/visit is costed separately from the main hire).


What are the weather limitations for operating?


The blimp and aerostat will fly in steady winds up to 25mph (40kph) and provide an excellent, stable camera platform.  Advertising rigs (no filming) can fly in winds up to 35mph (56kph).  The decision of fly/no fly will always be the responsibility of the crew leader on site.

The remote controlled airship is ideally suited for indoor operations, and outdoor operations with wind speeds less than 5mph (8kph).  UK weather conditions rarely favour outdoor work! Again, the decision of fly/no fly will always be the responsibility of the crew leader on site.


What about the advertising banners?


The banners are designed and manufactured to attach to the blimp by eyelets and to the aerostat or airship by means of Velcro strip edging; when the aerostat or airship is fully inflated the lightweight, rip-stop nylon banners are held stretched tight against the envelope. Banner sets can be changed within minutes if required.  Internal lighting in the aerostat envelope can provide background illumination of the banners at night - a truly eye-catching sight!


What are the operating site requirements?


A area of level, firm ground with full vehicular access not less than 20 metres in diameter, with no obstructions around the perimeter, is sufficient for aerostat and airship operations. 240vAC Power requirements can be provided by generator, although for indoor work a power supply will be requested.  No members of the general public are permitted within the operating area at any time.  If crowd control is an issue it is the responsibility of the client to provide adequate cordons and perimeter security.  All site issues are addressed during the recce/visit.


Is movement on the site, or between various sites, possible?


Providing there is no movement on public roads, and no overhead restrictions (e.g. power lines), the aerostat and airship can be moved fully inflated whilst tethered to the vehicle winch.  It is possible to transport the airship fully inflated in its own trailer provided there is sufficient space for manoeuvring, loading and unloading the trailer.  Site recces will always be conducted prior to any proposed movements.





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