Why Promovans as a medium?

  • Promovans take the message directly to the audience.
  • Promovans have a large geographical reach covering all of the UK.
  • Promovans carry huge eye-catching posters at audience level.
  • Promovans offer solo advertising not adverts lost in the clutter of other adverts like local press, TV and Radio.
  • Promovan's adverts can go to the target audience in a mobile manner or the audience can go to the Promovan adverts when they are in a static position.
  • Promovans are an ‘always-on' medium with long exposure times.
  • Promovans offer very low ‘cost per thousand' compared with other mediums.
  • Promovans may be used as a PR opportunity and utilised as a backdrop for TV, local press etc
  • Promovans supply digital photos, activity sheets and offer access to GPS 3rd party tracking with each campaign.
  • Promovans are fully insured for product, personal and public liability.
  • Promovan posters can be easily changed with new posters, overlays and patches.
  • Promovans team offer a professional service from planning, through the booking stage, campaign execution and after sales services and follow up.
  • Promovans only use regular experienced staff to add to the success of each campaign.
  • Promovans are truly an innovative, eye-catching and novel way of targeting the audience.
  • Promovans most importantly are extremely cost effective and offer a high return on your investment.
Our clients include: